Google Presses for Faster Documents Announcement in US Antitrust Lawsuit

A lawyer who represented Google in the legal fight for the search and advertising giant with the government for a faster document release was used to write the complaint against Google. As per Google’s attorney, they need to get access to the material and they need to know more about the contours of the same material.

The Judge of the United States District Court for the Columbia is hearing the case in which the Justice Department accused the 1 trillion dollars to Google in October. Because they illicitly using its market muscle to shuffle rivals in the major trial to the power and impact of Big Tech in decades.

Mehta, who has indicated that would not be astonished whether a trial lasted for months, asked the Justice Department’s attorney if the company could quickly be given a list of firms that gave details to the government, how much data each gave, and copies of any document appeals.


Image from Google


The member of the Justice Department made no promises however he added that what Google asked for is not irrational. Judge Mehta has noted that the company would soon get a list of 100 possible witnesses. He also said that it appears like they are going to have a pretty good window into the government’s case.

Microsoft, Amazon, and many others that helped the government are to tell the court on 20th November about how they want their details to be treated. The member further noted that 7 states examining Google said in October that if they decide to sue, they would want to combine their case with the government.

Although the search giant is desired to file an answer to the government’s complaint before 21st December.

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