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Google Photos Lets Users to See Details About Their Storage Plan

Google Photos receives a feature that tells users how long their present cloud storage would last. Currently, the company has stated that it will be putting an end to unlimited free storage from 1st June from 2021, and after the free cap of 15GB gets over, users will have to pay to be able to store their pictures and videos on Google Photos. The latest tool provides users an estimate on when their present storage will run out and it is based on their private upload history. It further displays users the storage amount space which is used by Google Drive and Gmail.


Image from Google Photos


To find out how much storage is left on a user’s Google account, they should direct straight to their page and then sign in to their account. If it is already signed in then it will display them their total storage depending on the plan they use. If they have not bought a plan, they get 15GB free as standard with each Google account for “original quality storage.” The tool highlights user an estimate on how long their storage will last. This estimate is dependent on how frequently they back up their content to the Google account. It further displays the storage amount taken up by their pictures and videos, along with content from Google Drive and Gmail.

The tool was disclosed by the product lead of Google Photos via a series of tweets that explain the development.

Furthermore, Google will further be adding a new free tool to the Photos application that will assist users with handling their backed-up photos and videos. The tool will be added in 2021’s June when this change is applied. Users can further buy more storage via Google One plans that start at INR 130 each month and provides storage of 100GB. This plan is presently discounted to INR 65 for the starting 3 months. There is further an INR 210 each month plan for 200GB and an INR 650 each month plan for 2TB storage.

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