August 8, 2020

Google Now Testing Calendar Event Alerts Based on Gmail Conversations


Google seems to be continuously working on its Google Now service as the firm is now being said to be testing a new feature that would analyse information from users’ Gmail conversations to create relevant reminder cards.

First reported by Android Police, it has been understood that Google Now, if authorised, can now pull information from a user’s Gmail conversation threads that detail any outing or planned event, and automatically create a reminder card that the user can view. Users would also be asked whether to create the same event on the Google Calendar associated with the user’s Gmail account.

This feature seems an extended version of the already-present Google Now feature that extracts flight or hotel reservation data from Gmail accounts and shows as a card. The extension of this feature toGoogle Hangouts or other services or the roll-out of the same is not yet clear.

This new Gmail-scanning feature of Google Now may make users feel a little insecure about their daily conversations with others, but to be fair, Google already scans emails to serve ads to users. Users have the option to choose whether they want the new Google Now feature to be active and added via Google Now’s ‘Everything Else’ section or not.

Earlier this week, Google added a new feature to Google Now on its Search app for Android whichalerted users when to get off public transport at the stop nearest to their saved destination.

The Google Now feature is essentially an alarm specifically tailored to public transportation that recognises set locations and updates users ahead of their transit stop. So now if you doze off in a metro on your way back home from office, or are unsure of the bus routes, the set alarm will alert you before you get to the stop nearest your saved destination.

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