Google Maps Lets You Save Maps For Offline Use

ddqy93029AM7122013Imagine this! You are on your way to a location not known too well to you and your network connection is unstable, thereby making it difficult for you to connect to Google Maps. What’s the way out? Asking for directions over phone or to passersby! Not really! Google Maps has updated its Android app and now you will be able to save maps for online use. The search giant has introduced a small button to enable you do the same.

This is not a very innovative and new feature as similar function was present in ‘Ok Maps’ command in Google Maps 7.0.

Google posted on its Google+ stating, “We know some of you are missing an easy way to access maps offline. That’s why our engineering team has been working around the clock to add a “Make this map area available offline” card below the search box for easier access. And, if you still want some #thumbercise, typing “ok maps” will work too.”

They further added, “With this update, we’ve also added a “Where’s Latitude?” link at the bottom of the side menu which provides more information about the future of location sharing.”

If you have the updated version of Google Maps, you should be getting the latest update.