October 29, 2020

Google Maps gets ‘Save your parking’ feature

Google Maps has just got a handy new feature that will allow you to save the parking location of your car. Called ‘Save your parking’, the feature appeared in beta version of the app recently .
The ‘Save your parking’ feature aims to make it easier for users to remember where they parked their cars. Uut of beta, the feature is now available dor both Android and iOS users.
Android users simply need to tap the blue dot in Google Maps, which shows their current location in the app, and then hit the ‘Save your parking’ option from the list seen at the bottom of the screen.
t is also possible to add parking notes (e.g. basement level, pillar number). In addition, the feature can tell you how long your car has been parked at the same spot. You can even take pictures of the surroundings to remember the parking spot better.
The process is the same for iOS users. However, what’s different is that if users connect the handsets with the car using USB audio or Bluetooth, their parking spots are automatically added to the map when you disconnect the device and exit the vehicle.
Last month, Google Maps added the ability to lets users share their location with others. Users can select with whom they want to share their location, and for how long.