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Google is developing a feature where users can measure the distance between devices using the Bluetooth on their devices

Whether it’s the wireless mouse we use or the headphones we use to listen to music on our smartphones, we all utilise Bluetooth devices in one way or another. While Bluetooth may appear to have few restrictions, there are actually a few instances when the technology has some limitations.

Thanks to Google’s efforts, consumers will soon be able to determine how far away their Bluetooth item is from their smartphone. This new Bluetooth Distance Measurement API was discovered by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, and Google has already provided code for it to the AOSP.

The new Bluetooth Distance Measurement API should be able to tell you the approximate location, i.e., if your phone is more or less than 1 metre away from the Bluetooth device, even though the accuracy of distance measurement won’t be exact. Notably, the new API will gauge the separation between your phone and connected devices using the Bluetooth RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator).

Please be aware that this will not function similarly to Apple AirTags, which link you to a lost Bluetooth accessory. If you are getting closer or not, it will undoubtedly let you know. In terms of the release of this feature, we might have to wait till Android 14 to witness its full appearance or early indications of it.

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