Google introduces its new app ‘Neighbourly’ in Jaipur Press Release With Photo

Google’s Next Billion User team today announced the launch of its new app called Neighbourly, in Jaipur. Introduced as a beta app, Neighbourly, helps users ask neighbours questions, share local expertise, and keep up with the neighbourhood without the clutter of ‘Good Morning’ messages on social media apps. Jaipur is only the second city in India to get access to the app, following enthusiastic support of Jaipurites joining a waitlist to bring Neighbourly to their city. Neighbourly was launched under Beta in Mumbai on May 31st.

The launch in Jaipur follows extensive user testing done in the city during Neighbourly’s development. The dynamics of the city attracted Google Next Billion Users team, and they conducted a series of studies in Jaipur in neighbourhoods like ChotiChaupar, Chandpol, Albert Hall, and TonkPhatak. The response was encouraging — especially among women, students and daily commuters — and people appreciated using their local language to ask questions to their neighbours and sharing their own knowledge with others.
Josh Woodward, Group Product Manager on Google’s Next Billion Users team, said, “We are very excited to bring Neighbourly to the city of Jaipur, and provide the users a completely new way to find information and benefit from the collective knowledge inside their neighbourhoods. We’re only in the first month of our beta launch, and we hope to build on the enthusiastic response we are receiving from the users in Mumbai. Users across neighbourhood in Mumbai are finding great value in using the app to find information about services like tutor recommendations, transportation, and real estate. Food is, of course, a popular topic too, along with shopping and education. Our teams are excited to learn about the new ways Jaipur will use the app to find information they need.”

Neighbours have the most up-to-date, relevant and accurate info about where they live. That’s why the app makes it easy for people to ask local questions and find answers they can trust. With Neighbourly, Jaipurites will be able to ask local questions and find answers they can trust. The beta version of Neighbourly is available today on the Google Play Store for all smartphones in Jaipur running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and higher.

Neighbourly helps its users in three ways:

●Ask the neighbourhood a question. Ask a question, and it’s routed to the relevant neighbourhood experts who can help. Using Google’s voice recognition, you can speak your question or answer into the app, just like talking to a neighbour. It works in English and eight Indian languages.

●Share local expertise. Easily swipe left and right through the questions and give answers. The app rewards the most helpful neighbours with badges and exclusive community events.

●Keep up with the neighbourhood safely. Browse, ask and answer questions without sharing personal information. Personal details like phone number, full name and other contact information are kept private when you use Neighbourly. And every member that joins Neighbourly makes the “Neighbourly Promise” to be civil and help improve the neighbourhood.

People living outside Mumbai and Jaipur can join a waitlist and also invite their neighbours. The team is looking to expand to new neighbourhoods that are excited to try Neighbourly.