Google has started ‘Project Zero’, a research project

google mutedGoogle has stepped into weakness research with new project called ‘Project Zero.’ Chris Evans, who works as ‘Researcher Herder’ at Google said, “The main reason of Zero Day project is to decrease the damage caused by zero day attacks. Along with vulnerability research, Project Zero will also focus on program analysis, mitigations, exploitation. Project is created to fund vulnerability research on softwares that target great number of user Google has a project called bug bounty program to test its own products.
Google has invite researchers to join the project. Google will be paying these researchers for their donation. Researcher’s argument on helplessness will be public while infection reports will be only sent to the particular software vendor. Usually after reporting bugs, software vendors thrust a patch to fix it. Google has created external database to power this project.

Google researchers have beforehand helped lot of software vendors to locate bugs in their software. Apple and Microsoft have often credited Google for bug reports. Like Google, many other research groups are working on vulnerability projects. Like HP has TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative. still Microsoft has program for bug research, MS accepts the bug reports from researchers but they don’t have any pay level calculated for researchers.

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