Google has released all new Chrome browser with bunch of new features

google_door_reutersGoogle Chrome 36 Arrives With A Host Of New Features. Google has replaced Incognito mode feature with Chrome 36. Incognito mode was introduced in Chrome browser with first version of Chrome browser in 2008. Incognito mode let’s you browse internet without storing history. This new version of chrome on linux comes with Chrome App Launcher which launches web application directly from desktop.

HTML imports is a part of Web workings W3C specifications. Chrome 36 now supports HTML Imports. This might attract developers towards the Chrome 36. Developers can now include and reuse HTML documents from another HTML document. The draft requirement published by W3C HTML import explains more about it.

Custom elements facilitate the function to identify and use DOM elements in document, says the W3C specification draft. Chrome 36 now comes with Custom rudiments at the present. Google has listening carefully on fixing security vulnerability in Chrome 36, Google has fixed 26 security holes in this new version of Chrome browser.

Christian Schneider, who is a security researcher has developed a product called CVE-2014-3160, that fixes security vulnerability in SVG graphics library. CVE-2014-3160 fixes Same-Origin-Policy bypass in Chrome. Google has rewarded the researcher with $2,000

Google has also credited its own Address Sanitizer technology for finding flaws in CVE-2014-3162 which fixes various internal audits, fuzzing. Address sanitizer is usually used to fix memory errors in C, C++ code. Security researchers often use this tool in Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. So far, Google has disclosed details of only these two flaws.

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