google_glass_new_frames_official_635Put on your Google wearable computer device and get a drink absolutely free at this bar in a San Francisco-based hotel.

In a bid to project itself as a tech haven, Stanford Court hotel is offering a cocktail on the house to anyone who visits the bar wearing Google Glass (Review).

Many hotels in the US have even banned visitors wearing the trendy tracking devices.

But the Stanford Court hotel is doing just the opposite.

“We want to attract the tech crowd, so we are telling Google Glass wearers they are welcome along with everyone else,” Stanford Court hotel’s general manager Michael Baier was quoted as saying.

The promotion began this week and so far, “a couple of dozen people have come in and taken advantage of it”, he was quoted as saying in a USA Today report.

And what you need to do in return for the free drink? Just a snap using the glasses and a tweet using the hashtag #stanfordcourt.

In fact, many have already tweeted and retweeted the offer.

Google Glass has caused quite a furore as many see the device as an affront to privacy since they can be used to secretly photograph and video whoever the wearer is looking at.

Google is distributing the devices to about 10,000 ‘explorers’ who paid $1,500 (Rs.90,000 approximately) to test them before the glasses are made available commercially later this year.



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