Google Glass May Teach How To Dance In Near Future

googledanceGoogle keeps coming out with new innovations every now and then and one such innovation is a system by which Google Glass can recommend dance moves.

Yes! Google has recently filed a patent to create the system which can recommend dance moves to those who wear the high tech device.

For now, we have learnt that Google Glass through this system can determine what particular song is being played in the background and then suggest dance moves accordingly.

For this to happen, we guess the device would be storing a library of moves in its database and the device may also have to show the user a video of other people dancing to the same song in order to help the user understand what moves they should be doing.

By looking at this concept, it doesn’t look pretty easy for the whole thing to be developed completely and thus we feel, this feature may take some time to become public.

However, we all know the Google’s commitment when it comes to their new innovations and technology.

Yet, the big question that raises is ‘how big would their database be’ to store the dance moves!
To conclude, if at all the system gets developed and is available to the public, we are pretty not sure who will actually be using this except some ‘want-to-be dancers’.