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Google doodle marks New Year’s eve

The New Year is around the corner and Google has come up with an interactive doodle to usher in the New Year. The doodle consists of a five colourful birds sitting on a branch depicting the word Google.
The birds are waiting for an egg wearing a 2016 sash to hatch and mark the beginning of the year 2016. All the birds are wearing party hats, one is blowing the trumpet and another keeps out taking a pocket watch from his pocket impatiently waiting for the egg to hatch.
Along with this, just below the doodle you will also find a link, “Watch and remember the moments of 2015”. Clicking on the link takes you to some of the biggest events of the year 2015. These important happenings include Chennai floods, Paris attacks and many others.
Google is also teasing New Year’s doodle with the line, “Check back tomorrow to see what will hatch in the new year.”

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