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Google Chromebox takes on the conference room

Photo-Feb-06-11-03-02-AM-730x547Search engine giant Google has now come up with a new videoconferencing tool that has been designed to provide an easier and cost-effective way of allowing face-to-face business meetings even in case the participants are scattered way apart in varied locations. The new ‘Chromebox For Meetings’ contains everything you need to set up a videoconferencing system that can connect people in as many as 15 ‘different’ locations, claims Google.

Simply connect the device to a display screen and follow the instructions step by step and you’re good to go. ‘Chromebox For Meetings’ chiefly relies on several already existing Google products: the Chrome operating system, its free Hangouts video chat system and a suite of other applications designed for business that have been on sale for some time now. The videoconferencing tool being sold by Dell Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and AsusTek Computer Inc. will be available for grabs at $999 starting in the US followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, France, Australia and New Zealand in the subsequent weeks. The price notably includes technology support for the first year, with an additional $250 annually beyond the same.

With its foray into business videoconferencing, Google is directly competing against products made by Cisco Systems Inc. and Polycom Inc.

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