January 24, 2021

Google, extending its ‘SafeBrowsing’ experience in Chrome, has now introduced a specific red flag that warns users of websites that encourage the download of unwanted software.

The search giant says that in addition to showing warnings for unwanted software downloads, which were introduced in August last year, Google Chrome will now warn users about the websites that “might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience.”

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In the meanwhile, the company is adding further protection from unwanted software downloads to Google Search as well. “Google Search will now incorporate signals that identify such deceptive sites. This change reduces the chances you’ll visit these sites via our search results,” notes the Google Online Security blog.

Meanwhile, the company has also begun to disable Google ads that lead to sites with unwanted software, adds the blog.

Now Google is recommending site owners to register their site with Google Webmaster Tools to stay informed about these vulnerable or unwanted software downloads.

Last month, Google finally launched the Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS app that lets users control their computers through their iOS device.

Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS was launched nine months after its Android counterpart. If you need to access some files on your computer but you’re travelling, you might find this app useful.