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Understanding the increasing music needs, Google has bought online radio service called Songza. The technology in music industry has taken new leap. Integration of internet is very common in almost every machine around us. New York based company Songza is a free internet radio service like Pandora. Songza offers better consumer centric services as compared to other competitors in the industry. Songza lays emphasis on serving customers with different taste in music.

It is noteworthy that Apple has just purchased Beats, which provides on-demand music service. Spotify is another big player in the industry. Spotify offers playlists and recommendations to the users. Spotify engages subscribers by offering on demand catalogs without ads, unlike others.

Chief executive of Songza, Elias Roman said in an interview that, “We are focusing on context. We don’t want people to spend time in finding things. We will provide things to people. Technology is used to make our lives simpler, we are just being a part of it.”

Apple bought Beats Electronics and Beats Music, which is a subscription service in May for $3 billion. Even Amazon followed Apple’s path by launching own music streaming service called Prime Music. Amazon is offering annual membership program for $99. Google is expected to launch video streaming feature within YouTube in this season.

Google clarified in official statement that, there would be no changes in Songza as of now. Google has plans of integrating Songza in Play music and may be in YouTube and other products in future.

Songza provides playlists designed by music experts for specific events and occasions. Songza has focus on redesigning suggestions and playlists on basis of listener’s choices which are dependent upon day and time of week, device used, weather, location. History of same listener on basis of above five points and music choices of other Songza users based on above five points.

Songza collects user information to redesign playlist for same customer in future. Songza UI pops up prompts like – “looking for a playlist while working in office? Or while driving home during a hot summer day?” 

Roman further said, “The important thing for us is to use user’s data to make their own lives better in future. There are very few services that seek data from users to improve the service by customers choice. We want people to tell us what they’re doing at given moment.” 

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