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Google Bard brings together Gmail, Docs, Drive, and additional services

Google has introduced a range of new features for its AI chatbot, Bard. The company has focused on enhancing Bard’s ability to provide tailored responses using generative AI.

These updates allow Bard to integrate with various Google apps and services, offering customized and helpful responses.

One major upgrade is the introduction of Bard Extensions in English, which enables Bard to fetch relevant information from Gmail, Drive, Docs, Maps, YouTube, and other Google apps.

Users can utilize this feature for tasks like searching for real-time flight and hotel information, getting directions, or creating job application materials.

Google has emphasized its commitment to user privacy and data protection, ensuring that personal content is not used for ads or training the Bard model.

Users can also share their Bard conversations and use the “Google it” button to double-check responses.

These updates are made possible through improvements to PaLM2, Google’s advanced language model.

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