The Ransacked Premises of electronics showroom on Hawa Sadak in jaipur

downloadIn one of the biggest and most daring heists, thieves broke into an electronics showroom on the Hawa Sadak and de-camped with 550  brand new laptops. The combined worth of the stolen machines is estimated to be over rs. 1.5 crore. The incident, which took place on Friday night, has got senior policemen racking their brains to find out a trail to the thieves.

      Ironically, the Sodala police station and the Civil Lines, Which houses VIPs like the governor and chief minister, are less than 500 meters form the shop which was robbed.

     According to police, the thieves struck the Cyber Space showroom on Hawa Sadak on the intervening midnight of Wednesday and Thursday. ‘The owners and employees had left the showroom late on Wednesday night. They returned in the morning at around 10:15 only to find the shutters open and the two locks on the main gate broken,” a cop said. When they stepped inside, they realized the shop has been vandalized and completely ransacked, the official said, adding, the thieves did not even spare the machines that were on display and plugged in the sockets.

    A police case was lodged by the owner Sanjay Thakur. As per the initial assessment 550 laptops of HP and Acer brands were missing from the showroom. Sources said, The combined worth of these computers is estimated to be around Rs.1.5 crore.

   An FSL team had arrived  on the crime scene to help police in investigating the case. Sources said finger prints have been taken off the showroom premises.

Source-DNA India


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