February 25, 2021

Goa Girl invents gesture recognition smartphone technology

MIT student Andrea Colaco hailing from South Goa, innovates gesture recognition technology for smartphones.


Touch screens may be soon wiped off and become a history, as a new invention of gesture recognition by an MIT student would allow users to interact with their devices through thin air.

Hailing from South Goa’s Velim, Andrea Colcoa has invented a gesture-recognition based technology for smart phones.

This new technology would allow cell phone manufacturers to let go of the touch-screen technology that is imbibed in most of the current generation smartphones.

Not only receiving a graduate and master’s degree, she earned one of the most prestigious doctorate seats at the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT). Earlier this month she won the MIT $100K entrepreneurship competition for innovating real time, precise 3D gesture sensing on devices like mobile phones.

Andrea is of the opinion that the market for this technology is still untapped and has a lot of potential. She has plans to develop this technology for customers- smart device manufacturers who have expressed their interest in the product.

She has a team named 3dim which she plans to take full steam with the prize money. It consists of a bunch of technology enthusiasts who want to revolutionize the way humans interact with computers.

Their ultimate goal being, to redefine the future of computing devices and innovate next generation of smart inputs to portable devices. Her archetype requires only a few mill-watts of additional power from the phone, which is a mere one-seventh of the total amount normally required by a smartphone camera.