GLS Lamps Score over LED Bulbs

PM Narendra Modi has been promoting the uptake of LED light bulbs quite actively. However, the Rashtrapati Bhavan (North and South Block) will be alight this year with the usual GLS lamps in lieu of LED lamps.
The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) had tested LED as an alternative to GLS lamps in 2015. They found that using LEDs was not cost-effective. In comparison to Rs 20-25 lakh which is paid to contractors providing GLS bulbs and other related equipment including wiring and circuits. This excludes the maintenance services. The cost involved in using LED lamps was about Rs 1 crore. Also, the lighting is going to be there only for four days -26, 27, 28 and 29 January, hence, the power savings would merely be Rs 1 lakh.
Apart from the cost, the quality of lighting with LED bulbs was inferior in comparison to GLS lamps. LED lamps were beneficial merely for forward lighting while the beam spread of GLS lamps was more suitable for lighting up buildings. As per CPWD official, the glow of LED bulbs were white in comparison to the more suited yellow of GLS lamps.
Having said this, next year is going to see deployment of eco-friendly LED bulbs. The CPWD official has deliberated that the department is keeping abreast with technological advancements in LED and have pointed out that the new-age LED bulbs will be able to match GLS lamps with respect to quality of lighting and will cost much less than their earlier versions.

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