Global Software Developer Synerzip Deploys WatchGuard Technologies’ Solutions to Secure Worldwide Network


WatchGuard® Technologies, a leader in integrated security platforms, today announced that Synerzip, a global, software-development company, has deployed its Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform featuring the company’s new real-time, security-intelligence- visualization solution, WatchGuard Dimension. Synerzip, which is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with a development center in India, and with customers around the world, needed both to secure its extensive network and quickly identify usage trends and security threats.


At any given time, we have more than 1,200 devices connecting to the Internet, including 600+ mobile devices used for applications testing on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. This testing requires the constant sharing of sensitive development information, so it’s imperative that we have UTM solutions in place to secure our network and communications,” said Kiran Ratnakar, IT Manager at Synerzip. “The XTM product, along with the new Dimension solution, not only enable us to maintain a high-performance network, but also gives us an innovative visibility tool that eliminates the need to review hours of log data when managing the network and identifying trends.


Dimension is a fantastic addition to WatchGuard’s UTM solutions and eliminates our need for a more complex SIEM solution,” adds Ratnakar. “The executive reports give the team a high-level overview of usage and trends. The ThreatMap gives us visibility into dark areas of the network around the world without having to review hours of log data, and the TreeMapping capabilities bring specific data to life in visual formats so we can quickly take action and create applicable policies. It’s changing how we evaluate perimeter-security data across our network.


To ease ongoing management and policy creation, Synerzip uses Dimension’s custom reports during weekly IT meetings to share various aspects of the company’s network health, including Denied Packets and Intrusion Prevention reports. These reports help the company visualize specific trends in real time, so threats can be addressed more quickly and policy created. It also allows IT to compare Synerzip’s overall network health within a 30-day period, with just one click. Within the first two months of use, Dimension helped detect threats that the company’s desktop antivirus software missed and it has reduced report-creation time considerably.


Synerzip’s collaborative product development cycle spans geographies and time zones with users who have unfettered access the Web, with no restrictions on downloading and installing software, often causing security concerns. This complex network of testing devices, network services, VPNs, publisher servers, VLANs and more must be high performance and very secure, with a high degree of uptime, so Synerzip can tell a customer, with complete confidence, that its sensitive data and content are protected. To ensure this, Synerzip chose WatchGuard’s cost-effective security solution that provides the centralized network management and protection against a variety of external threats they need.


Since Synerzip’s primary focus is venture-backed, innovative, technology companies, it is paramount for us to have a robust and secure network environment for software product-development work,” said Hemant Elhence,CEO at Synerzip. “Protecting our clients’ intellectual property is the main reason we made this investment in WatchGuard’s UTM platform.


WatchGuard’s XTM line of UTM solutions include: AntiVirus, URL filtering, AntiSpam, IPS, application control and data-loss prevention, all on a single, integrated-security platform with centralized management. The recently introduced WatchGuard Dimension is a cloud-ready, network-security-visibility tool that comes free with the XTM line of products. It provides a suite of big-data-visibility and reporting tools that instantly isolate and distill key security issues and trends, speeding the ability to set meaningful security policies across the network.

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