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Global DJs Remix the ‘Sounds of Safety’ for Starmus2017

Global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, and science festival,Starmus 2017,have investigated what safety sounds like to people. Top DJs from around the world transformed the findings into 10 tracksepitomizing the ‘Sound of Safety’.
Engaging with sports stars, researchers and musicians– including chess superstar Sergey Karjakin and multipleFormula 1 drivers– the Sound of Safety project investigated which sounds our psyche associates with the feeling of safety.
To turn these into music, Kaspersky Lab and international house music record label Diamondhouse Recordshand-picked a line-up of 10 globally acclaimed music producers and DJs to remix a series of exclusive tracks epitomising the ‘Sound of Safety’ in time for this year’s Starmus festival of science and arts in Trondheim, Norway.

The list of artists include:
– Eddie Amador – Grammy-nominated American Tech House and Dance DJ and Producer
– AKADIAN – British Progressive House and Electro DJand Producer
– Dany Cohiba – Spanish House DJ and Producer
– DJ Schedule 1 – South Korean EDM DJ and Producer
– Dubtal3nt – Austrian Dubstep and Trap DJ and Producer
– DJ Favorite – Russian Future House DJ, Remixer and Producer
– Artone& BOYAN – Bulgarian Deep House &Chillout-Lounge Producers and DJs
– DJ Superjam– American Hip Hop DJ and Producer
– FalkoNiestolik – German House Remixer and Producer
– DJ Lykov – Russian Electro House DJ and Producer

The final tracks have gone head-to-head in a bidto win the public vote and be named by jurors as the official ‘Sound of Safety’ Anthem at the StarmusKaspersky Hub.Public votingfor the best tracksis NOW OPEN.

Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said: “One’s sense of safety and security is subjective. A situation in which one person feels secure will be hellish for others. A single piece of music can be calming to some while putting others on edge. I think that experimenting and looking for new things is crucial to being at the forefront of technological innovation. But seeking out new things is usually great fun too. And our Sound of Safety project – launched to mark the 20th year of our company – is aimed at investigating the personal meaning of safety and security for different people. And I can’t wait to hear the music this project will inspire.”

Participating DJ, AKADIAN, commented: “For me, the Sound of Safety is a heavy prison door slamming with a bang, and the sounds of bolts scraping across metal to lock with a clunk. It’ll be interesting to hear how all these ‘safe sounds’ come together in our tracks – it’s an exciting challenge, for certain.”

Daily talks, panels, and discussion sessions will be hosted by scientists and cybersecurity expertsat the Kaspersky hub, at Starmus 2017.

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