Global Data Center Authority, Uptime Institute Awards ESDS With Tier III Certificate For Design

Uptime Institute awarded ESDS, a Managed Cloud and Data Center service provider with a Tier III Certification UPTIMEof Design for its upcoming NaviMumbai Data Center. ESDS is the 1st(first) managed cloud and managed data center service provider in India to receive recognition from a Global Data Center Authority, Uptime Institute.

Considering the rapidly evolving IT scenario which is further backed by the Digital India initiative by the Government of India, certified DC facilities such as ESDS, would ensure reliability and availability for Enterprise businesses. Having an IT infrastructure housed in a Tier III DC, businesses can ensure availability of nothing less than 8754.4 hours annually or 99.982% availability.

The process took ESDS 18 months to gain the certification, the modern state-of-the-art datacenter of ESDS will go live at Navi Mumbai in couple of weeks, says one of the spokespersons from ESDS.

“ESDS has a very strong cloud platform which has fault tolerance at the IT Infrastructure level. Any kind of IT hardware failure cannot result in any downtime for the eNlight Cloud platform we have; but, having redundancy on the electrical infrastructure was extremely important for us. So we chose to get uptime institute certificate, as it has helped us to build a Data Center where the electrical infrastructure will never fail, while the rest will be handled by our eNlight Cloud platform”…says Mr. Piyush Somani ( Founder and Managing Director, ESDS )