Global Automotive and Hydraulic Hose Pipe Market Outlook to 2021: Ken Research

Global Automotive and Hydraulic Hose Pipe Market Outlook to 2021 – Growth in Global Construction and Rising Demand for Automobiles will drive the Future Market
provides a comprehensive analysis of Global automotive and hydraulics Hose pipe market. The report focuses on overall market size, segmentation on the basis of type of hose pipe (Automotive and Hydraulic) and by region (Asia Pacific, Americas and EMEA). The report also covers competitive landscape of major players, snapshot on major countries (USA, China, India, and Indonesia), and snapshot on automotive and hydraulic hoses. The report further includes market projections for future and analyst recommendation highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.
Global Hose Pipe Market
Development in rubber and plastic technology led to substantial growth of hose pipe and almost all the hose pipe manufactured has components of rubber and plastic. Demand for hose pipe is on rise in almost all the sectors. It has promoted the industrial development and automation. Most of the automobile companies have OEM contracts with manufacturers and directly purchase it based on their design requirement. Manufacturers are making hose pipes that are suitable for specific needs and conditions creating customized products that cater to the demand for specific industry and applications. There are several automotive hose companies which cater to a very large segment. The market was estimated at USD ~ billion during 2016 which has increased from USD ~ billion in 2011 registering a five year CAGR of ~% in 2011-2016. Improved material quality and better durability to high pressure and temperature promoted the use of hose for variety of application. In 2016, hydraulic hoses market has increased on account of industrialization and mechanization in emerging economies as hydraulic systems are an efficient method of power transfer in heavy machineries. Many economies including China, India and others have increased their focus on developing their manufacturing sector.
Global Automotive and Hydraulics Hose Pipe Market Segmentation
By Region: Asia Pacific was the biggest region in terms of revenue which has constituted ~% share in terms of revenue. Presence of some of the largest automobile and construction machinery market boosted the demand for automotive as well as hydraulic hoses in the region. The Americas (~ %) and EMEA (~%) region commanded nearly equal share with the Americas taking the lead due to presence of very large demand in the US.
By Type of Hose: Hydraulic hoses dominated the market during the period 2011-2016. Their proportionate share remained similar varying to a very small extent as these are exclusive products. Hydraulic hoses has contributed share of ~% with majority of the demand coming from industrial sector which uses high value premium hoses for power transmission and other purposes. Automotive hoses include air brake, hydraulic brake, radiator hose, CAC hose, heater hose, breather hose, and hose in fuel line, AC hoses, power steering hoses and others.
Snapshot on Major Countries
USA: The US is the home country for auto majors that include General Motors, Ford, Caterpillar and many others. The market for industrial hose was estimated at around USD ~ billion during 2016. Automobile sector contributed the maximum revenue generated from sale of hoses in the US market. It was followed by plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry. All global majors have their operations in the US which include TI automotive, Manuli, Polyhose, Contitech, Cooper Standards and many others.
China: China is a major manufacturing hub at the global level. All major manufacturing companies have their plants in China. Local manufacturers dominate the market in normal segment however international brands have edge for the premium segment. There is both domestic and export demand for China manufactured goods making it the largest market globally. It is expected that annual revenue generation will be in excess of USD ~ billion from sale of hydraulic and automotive hoses. Key hydraulic hose manufacturers in China include Parker, Gates, Manuli, Eaton, Goodyear, Hansa-Flex, Semperit, Kurt, RYCO, Letone-Flex, Luohe Yibo.
India: India has the second largest consumer base in the world. Increased demand for goods has led to mechanization which has promoted the use of all types of machines including hydraulic machineries. Hydraulic machines have significant space in the Indian industry and reliance on these machines to transfer energy has promoted the increased use of hydraulic hoses. Automotive hose market was evaluated at USD ~ million in 2016. All major hose manufacturing companies have their sales operation in India including TI automotive, Manuli hydraulic, Eaton and others.
Indonesia: Rise in population and improved living standard has led to increased demand for transportation system creating a very large market for automotive hoses which are used in automobile of various sizes and capacity. Market for hosepipe in Indonesia was estimated at USD ~ million in 2016. Indonesia is the second-largest car manufacturing nation in Southeast Asia and the ASEAN region making it very attractive market for automotive hoses. International brands such as Gates and Parker were the major companies operating in Indonesian hose pipes market. More than three fourth of the market is served by international brands.
Competitive Landscape of Major Players
The market for hose pipe was largely dominated by many large players such as Manuli, Trelleborg, Gates and others. Each major country and each type of hose has its own industry leaders. Even the market of China was dominated by international players who have local manufacturing unit. Most of the large companies are based in the US or Europe. Most of the companies with global presence has their manufacturing unit in almost all the continents and have their sales office covering more than third of the world.
Future Outlook
Market for hose pipe will rise to USD ~ billion in 2021 registering a five year CAGR of ~% in 2016-2021. Market share of hydraulic hoses is expected to increase slightly to ~% in 2021 from its estimated share of ~% in 2017. Asia Pacific will continue to maintain its dominance in the hose market as it caters to some of the largest manufacturing economies and has a very large consumer base in the world. African economies where countries are switching to manufacturing and mechanization of agriculture and construction will drive growth in Africa.
Key Topics Covered in the Report
Global Hose Pipe Market Introduction
Value Chain
Global Automotive Hose Pipe Market
Global Hose Pipe Market Size by Revenue
Global Hose Pipe Market Segmentation by Type of Hose, By Region
Indonesia Hose Pipe Market Size
Global Hydraulic Hose Pipe Market
Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
Indonesia Hose Pipe Industry
Competition Hose Pipe Global
Developments, Issues and Challenges
Future Hose Pipe Market Global
Porter Five Force Analysis
Snapshot on Major Countries
Indonesia Parker Market Share Hose Pipe
Automotive Hose Pipe Market Competition
Snapshot on Automotive and Hydraulic Hose Market