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Glenmark Launches Teneligliptin

An advanced Diabetes treatment at significantly affordable cost in Pune

  • Glenmark’s Teneligliptinis now available at a cost which is 55% lower than most gliptins in the country

  • Gliptins globally is fast becoming the most preferred option to manage Type-2 Diabetes

  • Glenmark’s Teneligliptin is the only gliptin to be manufactured in India from API to formulation. All other Gliptins are presently being imported

  • Glenmark commences immediate roll-out of the product in Pune and across Maharashtra

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited, the research-led global integrated pharmaceutical company today Packshot _Launch - Copyannounced launch of Teneligliptin in Pune. Teneligliptin, a new third generation oral anti-diabetic agent is used for the management of Type-2 Diabetes mellitus. Globally gliptins is emerging as the preferred line of treatment for managing Type-2 Diabetes. Teneligliptin has been highly effective in decreasing postprandial glucose levels, amount of glucose in the blood after meals, as well as fasting blood glucose levels, with a once-a-day administration.

Glenmark has launched this molecule under two brands- Ziten and Zita Plus at a breakthrough price of Rs. 19.90 per tablet per day treatment. Thus the launch of these two products will lower the daily cost of treatment for a Diabetes patient on gliptin therapy by approximately 55%. Most gliptins are priced at around Rs. 45 per day treatment. This translates into a saving of approximately Rs. 9,000 per year for Diabetes patients with the introduction of Teneligliptin.

Glenmark received approval from DCGI for Teneligliptin after conducting clinical trials on the molecule for over 2 years as per the regulatory requirements. Glenmark’s Teneligliptin is the only gliptin which is available at lowest cost among all other gliptins being marketed in India while other gliptins are presently being imported

“Glenmark is proud to be introducing Teneligliptin an advanced form of treatment for Diabetes at a significantly affordable cost in Pune and Maharashtra. Through this we will be playing a major role in making anti-diabetics treatment more effective and affordable for thousands of patients across the state”; said Sujesh Vasudevan, President & Head – India Business, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. He added“Gliptins, although a preferred choice of healthcare professionals is out of reach of many patients because of its high price. By offering Teneligliptin at this price, we aspire to bring many more patients in the advanced gliptin therapy fold”.