GlacialTech Focuses on Increasing Brand Visibility

logo-glacialtechIn a bid to boost brand visibility of its LED lighting and drivers in India, GlacialLight and GlacialPower,organized a seminar, in association with Argos International, the dealer of GlacialTech for LED drivers in India. The seminar on LED Lighting and LED Driver was held at Kalpataru Synergy, Auditorium in Mumbai.

In this event GlacialTech showcased its Constant Current Economy Series Drivers, such as GP-HSO5N Series-5W, GP-HSO8N Series-7.5W, etc. It also exhibited its GP-RS Series, GP-LS Series, Class I Designs-GP-LS50P series, and GP-LS70P series, Dimmable Drivers-GP-LP60P, GP-RS25P and GP-RS35P. Last but not the least

Nikhil Malhotra,Country Manager,GlacialTech
Nikhil Malhotra,Country Manager,GlacialTech

Triac or AC Dimming Drivers such as GP-TS series, GP-TL series and GP-TH series, etc., were also showcased.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nikhil Malhotra, Country Manager, GlacialTech said, GlacialTech would like to thank the audience which includes the Lighting designers, architects, Dealers, distributors and other important players of lighting industry who managed the time from their busy schedule to join our Seminar, We are overwhelmed with the kind of response we got in the seminar, we also like to appreciate the valuable inputs from the Audience.”