February 26, 2021

GlacialLight Introduces A New DC Input LED Down Light Series for Solar Panels

Four New Energy Efficient 8 to 18W Down Lights: GL-DL04LD, GL-DL06LD, GL-DL08LD and GL-DL06LD-IP

30 April, 2013, New Delhi, India  – GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., today announces the expansion of its LED down light Capella Series with four new DC input 8 to 18W LED lights: the GL-DL04LD, the GL-DL06LD, the GL-DL08LD, and the GL-DL06LD-IP.image001

All four of these down lights come with bundled GlacialPower drivers, which enable the lights to be directly connected to 12V and 24V solar panel batteries without the need of an additional PV Inverter, preventing possible energy waste. The four lights accept an input voltage of 11-15V DC and 22-30V DC. The compact size and sleek design of these down lights connected with energy efficiency and low energy consumption makes all of the down lights ideal for boat, bus or train interiors. The GL-DL06LD-IP can also be used in covered outdoor applications, such as outdoor corridors or walkways as well as vessel lighting purposes.

The four easy-to-install slim and sleek design down lights all have a 120° beam angle and come in three different color options (3000K, 4000K and 5700K). The lights are different in terms of size, weight, casing, and energy usage, which makes each of the lights ideal for specific applications such as corridors or large spaces.

GL-DL04LD Down Light

The most compact (Ф 114 x 13mm) of the four new down lights for indoor applications, the GL-DL04LD consumes only 8W of energy and is suited for indoor applications.

GL-DL06LD Down Light

The 12W down light for indoor applications, the GL-DL06LD, is slightly larger (Ф 180 x 13mm) than the GL-DL04LD as it has an IP50 rated casing, which prevents dust damage.

GL-DL08LD Down Light

The brightest and largest (Ф 240 x 13mm) of the four down lights, the GL-DL08LD has a different constant current driver than the three other lights (GP-LD15-24C instead of GP-LD10-30C). This down light for indoor applications consumes 18W of energy.

GL-DL06LD-IP Down Light

Similar to the GL-DL06LD, the GL-DL06LD-IP also has an energy consumption of 12W, but is slightly thicker (Ф 161 x 20mm) than the rest of the cases as it has IP54 rated casing that prevents possible dust and water damage. This down light is ideal for both indoor and covered outdoor applications such as vessel lighting.

Description: 02A14NCWGlacialLight has designed all of the four down lights, with environmental protection in mind, to be RoHS compliant. In addition, these down lights do not contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury, and do not emit harmful UV or IR rays, making them far more eco‐friendly than lighting fixtures based on older technologies.

 Product Highlights of DC Input Down Lights:

The GL-DL04LD, the GL-DL06LD, and the GL-DL08LD for indoor applications

DL06LD-IP can also be used in covered outdoor applications

DC input

8 to 18W energy consumption

Energy efficient and preventing possible energy waste

All-in-one bulb and fixture

Directly compatible with 12V and 24V solar panels

Slim, compact and fashionable design

Very low power consumption

No UV or IR radiation