August 7, 2020

Gizmobaba launches Electric Pest controller.


Gizmobaba’s electric pest controller is a hustle free solution to get rid of pests in house without any chocking odor and poisoning smokes.

Gizmobaba presents to you a device that can take you a significant serenity and get your home/office freed of pests. Gizmobaba Electric pest control is a hustle free approach to dispose of Pests. Our homes are brimming with valuable material and we have different food items  left open in our homes, to secure them from pests is an enormous errand, but now it’s simple much the same as putting a switch on. No need to use any poison or trap. Simply plug in the device and relax.

How does it works

The Gizmobaba Riddex Pest Control System sends waves through your home power wiring. These waves can’t be heard or felt by people, however they are disturbing to pests like rats and cockroaches. Pests attempt to avoid these waves and they leave your home/office. So you dispose of pests without slaughtering them. No more toxic substance or rodent traps. 1 unit is sufficient for a house up to 1200 square feet.
Introduce 1 unit of the Gizmobaba Pest control in any electric attachment amidst your home. The green light will light up, demonstrating that the unit is working. The red light will streak for 3 minutes and afterward switch off for 3 minutes. At the point when the red light is blazing, it is sending waves through your home wiring, which will aggravate the pests. Over a time of a couple of days, the pests will attempt to flee from these disturbing waves. So you will get rid of pests without killing them. Also New pests will abstain from entering your home or office for the same reason


Price: Rs.999