GIGABYTE’s GA-Z87X-UD3H, GA-B85M-D3H: Spearheading the Popularity of 8 Series Motherboards in India

gigabyteGIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, has announced that GA-Z87X-UD3H and GA-B85M-D3H have turned out to be the company’s most sought after 8 Series motherboards in the Indian market place, and have also enhanced the popularity of 8 Series motherboards in the country. Launched in June, GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards support the latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, and bring together a unique blend of new features that offer the absolute ultimate platform for your next PC build.

GA-Z87X-UD3H offers almost everything that a PC enthusiast or home over clocker needs at a competitive price, without trifles and unnecessary features. It also sports GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 5 Plus, the company’s quality standard, which debuted on the GIGABYTE 8 Series motherboards.

The four benefits that an GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 5 Plus are ‘Ultra Cool’, with an all-new heat sink design offer uncompromisingly efficient cooling on key areas of the motherboard including the PWM area and chipset (PCH); ‘Ultra Performance’, using industry-leading PWM controllers and PowIRstage™ ICs and from International Rectifier®; ‘Ultra Safe’, capitalizing on GIGABYTE Dual BIOS™, an exclusive technology from GIGABYTE that protects one of your PC’s most crucial components, the BIOS; and Ultra USB3+, by ensuring more high speed connectivity than ever before, packing up to 10 USB 3.0 ports per board.

GA-Z87X-UD3H has three PCI-E 16x slots. While the top two are both PCI-E 3.0, the lower slot is PCI-E 2.0. It supports two-card CrossFire and SLI through the PCI-E 3.0 slots.

Notable Features / Benefits

  • Supports 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 5 Plus Technology
  • All IR Digital Power design
  • 15µ gold plated CPU socket
  • Multi-GPU Support
  • Durable black solid capacitors
  • GIGABYTE On/Off Charge™ 2 for USB devices
  • Intel® LAN with high ESD Protection
  • New Heatsink design for better cooling
  • Realtek ALC898 with High Quality 110dB SNR HD audio
  • Onboard Quick Buttons
  • Supports CFOS speed Internet Accelerator Software
  • 10 USB 3.0 ports