GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd announced that many of its motherboards including its 100 series boards, the IntelX99, Z97 and H97 boards as well as its AMD990FX, 990X and 970based motherboards are ready to support Microsoft’s Windows 10.

GIGABYTE Motherboards Are Windows 10 Ready

GIGABYTE’s engineers have worked hard to ensure that the drivers and BIOS on all current GIGABYTE motherboards are ready and optimized for Windows 10™. GIGABYTE UltraDurable Motherboards are known for their world renowned longevity, meaning users can be sure that older motherboards work well in this new OS environment.

GIGABYTE motherboards are the ideal platform for Windows 10 on the desktop. Windows 10 is the most innovative operating system yet from Microsoft. It has dozens of new and exciting features to improve productivity and gaming, including full support for DirectX 12.

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