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GIGABYTE Launches B760 Series Motherboards with Best Support for Intel 13th Gen Processors and DDR5 Memory

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading computer brand, today launches Intel® B760 series motherboards with 15 models in total from ATX, Micro ATX to Mini ITX form factors, including the B760 AORUS MASTER, B760M AORUS PRO AX, B760 AORUS ELITE AX, and more. Although positioned in the mid-range segment, the GIGABYTE B760 motherboards are equipped with top-tier features that can be found on the higher-end Z790 series counterparts, providing robust power delivery, class-leading thermal design, and pre-tuned BIOS profiles needed to unleash the full potential of next-gen Intel processor and DDR5 memory. The inclusion of the DIY-friendly EZ-Latch designs makes swapping components a lot easier when building or upgrading the PC.

The GIGABYTE B760 series motherboards are built for the latest Intel® 13th Gen Core™ processors which are newly announced at CES 2023. These motherboards also come with the best support of DDR5 compatibility, users can easily unlock their DDR5 memory up to 7600MT/S and beyond on the AORUS platforms through pre-defined and retrievable profiles in the BIOS.

The GIGABYTE B760 series lineup also incorporates the M.2 and PCIe EZ-Latch designs. These DIY-friendly arrangements help streamline the PC building process or any upgrading down the road by simplifying the graphics card removal with only an effortless push of a bottom and making M.2 SSD installation easier than ever without the use of a single screw.

With up to 16+2+1 Twin Digital VRM design, the B760 series motherboards from GIGABYTE are more than capable of powering any high-end Intel’s 13th Gen processor. That much power requires extensive cooling, and GIGABYTE offers just that with its all-around thermal solution, including the massive, full-covered heatsink, enlarged M.2 thermal guard, and a 2X copper 4 to 10-layer PCB, to keep everything cool and under control.

Packed with top-end features, the GIGABYTE B760 series motherboards deliver next-gen processor and memory performance with tremendous value to the mainstream.

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