March 1, 2021

GfK conducts Channel satisfaction survey for Rashi Peripherals

In today’s dynamic retail environment and competitive marketplace, it is vital for every organization to be well informed about its customers and it needs to be aware of the satisfaction level of its customers. Partner satisfaction is the key to success in the distribution value chain as it creates a win-win proposition for both the sides. Towards this endeavor, Rashi Peripherals, one of the leading IT distributors in India, has always tried to innovate and bring the best value to its partner community.


In their quest for the excellence, Rashi Peripherals recently commissioned GfK India, leading market research agency, to conduct a satisfaction survey among Rashi Peripheral’s channel partners. GfK conducted face to face interviews with more than 1,000 partners across 64 cities of India over a course of one month. During the survey, GfK designated representatives visited each of these markets and conducted detailed and in-depth interviews with channel partners on all the aspect of business transactions during the course of their interaction with Rashi Peripherals.

The objective of the survey was to ascertain key strengths, weaknesses, improvement areas and partner perception for each of Rashi Peripherals’ branch offices. The findings also highlighted key action items for Rashi Peripherals for each of their branches. The survey also helped Rashi identify & validate process compliance and devise an action plan for future growth.

“We witnessed high levels of satisfaction amongst Rashi’s channel partners in cities where survey was conducted. Rashi Peripherals showcased high scores in channel friendliness and partner orientation and process excellence is a strong point for Rashi.” said Mayank Garg, Senior Manager, GfK India.