February 28, 2021

Genius SlimStar 8000ME Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

Taipei, Taiwan – May 2013 – Taiwan –based Genius is an international leading company in computer peripherals, launches the SlimStar 8000ME is a newly designed wireless keyboard/mouse combo. Which brings simplicity, efficiency and elegance to one’s lifestyle? The 2.4 GHz transmission ensures anti-interference and longer operational distance.


SlimStar features an ultra slim keyboard design, with innovative keycaps for great tactile feedback. In addition, a spill resistant design protects the keyboard from accidental spills. The Wireless mouse has 1000 dpi optical tracking technology so one can navigate web pages or documents effortlessly and the mouse is ergonomic designed to provide great working efficiency and performance

Key Features

             2.4 GHz anti-interference desktop combo

             Ultra-slim keyboard design, innovative keycaps for great tactile feedback

             Two hot keys for volume control on keyboard

             1000 dpi optical mouse sensor for smooth and precise movement

The Genius SlimStar 8000ME is available at USD 19-.

A warranty of 3 years.