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Genius Inside partners with global assessment leader SHL

Genius Inside, a recently launched AI-powered e-learning platform for leadership and behavior skills, has partnered with global assessment leader SHL, the world’s leading personality assessment tool. Known for its performance prediction and talent performance influence, the data-driven assessment approach helps maximize learning opportunities and drive outcomes. This strategic partnership with SHL will enable Genius Inside to create personalized learning experiences based on the learner’s competency and personality.

The traditional learning approaches focused on one size fits all teaching methodologies. While in the recent past content delivery has moved online, most solutions available were designed in the pre-internet era and carry an analog framework. As technology advances, the demand for innovation and development quadruples. Organizations face the challenge of upskilling employees effectively to keep up with the dynamic change and evolution of the industry. Personalized learning and development have taken the forefront as the answer to this need, delivering scalable solutions with results.

At Genius Inside, assessment combined with a bespoke process delivers integrated learning solutions through AI-driven recommended modules, personal coaching and upgrades to relevant programs. Genius Inside partners with top authors, experts, coaches & mentors to create an exceptional curriculum to master leadership, personal & financial growth, productivity, wellbeing, and mindfulness.

Recommendations are used to seamlessly queue up learning content that is tailored to the individual learner’s needs and roles. In other words, the assessment test acts as a precursor for creating a customized roadmap for the applicant. SHL’s globally acclaimed assessment methods would enable the process of analyzing the participant’s learning activities based on their preferred choices, results suggested, and reception towards the results.

Learning becomes effective when it is personalized. Every learner has different levels of competencies. At Genius Inside, data and digital technologies enable us to personalize the learning to every individual leading to significantly better learning outcomes. When new concepts are linked to a learner’s previous experience, it results in better understanding, and learning becomes more effective.”, quoted Mr. Rahul Maroli, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Genius Inside.

Ms. Manashi Kumar, Founding Business Director, Genius Inside said, “In this dynamic era, digital platforms are constantly looking to carve a strong identity for their businesses. However, what acts as a strong brand recall is the platform’s unique offerings for the users. On joining hands with the global assessment leader SHL, we look forward to providing both individuals and corporates, a stage where they can deep dive into their core competencies and build a strong foundation for unleashing their true potential, creating a strong future for themselves.”

Mr. Sushant Dwivedy – Managing Director – SHL (India and Philippines) added, “With this partnership, we aim to provide insights into key personality traits of an individual through our highly focused and scientifically proven people assessments. SHL’s personality assessments have a two-pronged approach. These assessments are research-backed and measure characteristics that not only predict performance and future potential in a specific role but also help individuals to be placed in roles or functions that are naturally aligned to their areas of preference and leverage their strengths.”

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