GDC: Intel announces new enthusiast CPUs


Intel today announced new products for gamers, enthusiasts and overclockers, as well as a renewed focus on the desktop for home and business consumers, at the annual Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco.

New processors
The company provided a sneak peek at its 5th Generation Core processor, codenamed Broadwell, and announced that it would be available in socketed form for desktop consumers. Previous industry reports had suggested that Broadwell would be targeted at notebooks and small-form-factor PCs, and would only be available in pre-built PCs or soldered directly onto motherboards. The 5th generation core family will essentially be a die shrink of the current 4th generation Haswell architecture, and will be built using 14nm lithography.At least some Broadwell CPUs will also be available unlocked, a feature aimed at attracting overclockers and performance enthusiasts. Iris Pro class graphics, which has previously only been available in notebook-bound versions of Intel’s CPUs, will also be available on the desktop for the first time.


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