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Mr.Gaurav Dureja

A first generation entrepreneur, Gaurav Dureja is the driving force behind the brand Ambrane India, which has evolved to be one of the most trusted and top trending Power Bank Brand in India.
Being an initiator, in his relentless pursuit of excellence, he has strengthened the culture of innovation at Ambrane, exploring new markets and extended the brands product portfolio and also the global reach. He is credited with growing the business exponentially and achieving consistently high growth over the last 3 years. Ambrane is today the market leader in Power banks and under his able leadership, the brand has grown 300% in FY15-16 in less than 3 Years, emerging as one of the fastest growing Brand in India.

 IT Voice:  What will be your growth strategy in India for this financial year?
Mr.GauravDureja: We shall focussing on emerging markets and have a dynamic business model with flexible structure and and effective, proactive portfolio and pipeline management. Personal trustful and mutually beneficial relationships with our channel partners and affiliates shall be the firm part of our philosophy and will make us stand out from the crowd. Innovative product offerings and diversification in new verticals namely Audio Category and Innovative product range which shall enable us to accelerate our growth and add further to our business model. Not far from having reached our peak, Ambrane is leaping forward to the next period of the growth, & the brand has grown 300% than the last year, positioning as one of the fastest growing Brands in India.

 IT Voice: What have been the key performance highlights for Ambrane India in 2015?

Mr.GauravDurejaWe celebrated our 3 successful years 40% jump in the revenue, with over our Million customers actually Happy customers the last year. We have purely focussed on providing innovative products and solutions to our customers. When its Power Bank the brand has gone synonym to the category truly outperforming the industry with its range of quality products which bring value for money. Being dedicated in our approach, we have evolved into the top trending and also the most trusted brand in Power Banks across India. Even though the year 2015 was challenging for several Industry players Ambrane has shown a steady growth, bagging no. 1 position in Power Banks becoming one of the fastest growing brand. We celebrated our 3 successful years 40% jump in the revenue, with over our Million customers actually Happy customers the last year. We have purely focussed on providing innovative products and solutions to our customers. When its Power Bank the brand has gone synonym to the category truly outperforming the industry with its range of quality products which bring value for money. Being dedicated in our approach, besides a significant Market share in Banks Ambrane has also invested in several new product launches and made significant improvement in after Sales service. Apart from which Ambrane has also begun its Manufacturing in India Make in India bringing the right balance in terms of technologies, performance and budgeted prices. Our journey for 2015 has been very eventful & the symbiosis has been very clearly expressed. Some of the key highlights for the year includes the several awards and accolades, the brand boosts for namely Skilled India Entrepreneur 2016, NCN Most Innovative Product 2015 and several more which has kept us going. 

Our product portfolio is crafted understanding the needs and lifestyle of todays generations. Right from Power Banks to Wearable’s along with the non-stop entertainment devices Ambrane has it all under one roof.

 IT Voice:What kind of verticals are you targeting for your products within India? 

Mr.GauravDureja: Our offerings keep a well balanced approach in terms of quality and also functionality. Also we are always at the forefront of latest innovation and all our products are the testimony to our drive for the latest technologies. With our clear focus on power banks, we are aiming at a number of different vertical markets. Going beyond the traditional approach, we aim to penetrate our Online Presence keeping the ecommerce portals as the primary consumer touch point. Next we also plan to open our own Ambrane Experience Zone which shall build a very personalized approach for the brand. Parallel to which we shall also be focusing on building stronger foothold in Retail format stores.

 IT Voice: What are the new challenges that you face in relation to the Indian market? In terms of line of products, what are the key focus areas for the Company?

Mr.GauravDureja: Right now this segment is booming and we always have very high demand from the market. And we are expecting it to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. One key thing that we have noticed is the customer awareness and lack of knowledge about power banks. As they don’t know what their requirement is and what they should buy. As a responsible brand we plan to educate the consumers so they can make the right decisions. 

Next being unorganized grey market which is a huge problem for every player of the Industry. We need to address this issue immediately as with their sub standard products the consumers feel cheated which affects the Industry. The government should make the rules more stringent to curb these players. But the major challenge is the absolutely low prices offered by online vendors. Online sales have affected the market badly. There needs to be some parameters  guidelines set for the functioning of Online Market. The poor quality product at cheap prices is reigning the Market.
Lastly the key focus area for the brand in the year ahead shall include several new line ups/categories apart from the Power bank, stay tuned for news in this section as we shall be having several launches in pipeline some entrants from the house of Ambrane

 IT Voice: Which product segments of your company are doing well in the market and which you are focusing for the current quarter?

Mr.GauravDureja: Since all our products are made in India we add extra efforts for the after Sales service which has also become one of our key selling points. Ambrane products with its 330+ Service Centres over PAN India, enjoys a leading market share in Power Banks with several aesthetically designed products at affordable prices that’s what makes stand out in the crowd.In terms of the focus for the current quarter Ambrane has bigger plans beyond the fast-growing power bank market, which has made Ambrane’s name known across India.We see a lot of headroom for growth in Audio Category and in the coming quarter we shall be unveiling an exclusive range of Audio products and focus on strengthening the range of products in pipeline. We already have the advantage of being a known and acceptable Indian brand. We have built the distribution over the past 3 years for Power banks. The entry into more consumer durable products with Audio segment would make logical sense now.

IT Voice:  What is your outlook for the overall IT market? What are you channel plans in current financial year?

Mr.GauravDureja: With the country getting active on the global trading platform, we expect this year to offer more growth opportunities. Over the years, ‘Ambrane India’ brand name has gained increasing renown and prestige. Ambrane is Channel friendly company and we believe in the strength of our channel partners. We have set up an entire communication model to reach the channel effectively. The future also belongs to the retailers that are best able to provide a seamless cross channel experience to their customers. In addition to effective channel marketing and channel operations, another key focus area shall be to ensure the new product solutions are as channel friendly as possible.

IT Voice: Ambrane is doing business globally. So do you compare Indian market with global?

 Mr.GauravDureja: Ambrane has very recently entered the Middle eastern markets, Just like India, the global Market shows a tremendous potential and the consumption pattern though has been very similar with Indian Markets yet the dynamics of the market have been very different.

IT Voice:What are the benefits to your company with Online business?                                                                            

Mr.GauravDureja: Knowing that Internet has become part of everyday life there are several benefits of doing business Online, which Ambrane enjoys. Apart from the easy product visibility to the end customers, the brand exposure is very strong. Also its easier to gratify the customer satisfaction on the Online platform.

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