March 3, 2021

garmin vivofitWearable technology is the growing trend in the modern world and now the latest one comes from Garmin as they launch a new fitness centric wrist band in India. At a press event in Delhi, this band, called Vivofit (veevo-fit), was launched and it is available on Flipkart at the price of Rs. 9,990.

Launched by Garmin Ltd.’s Garmin Corporation, this fitness band is designed for fitness freaks as well as fitness enthusiasts in India. It is a light device, weighing 25.5 gms, and its curved structure fits easily. There are differently coloured wristbands available for this device too. If the device gets discharged it requires some new “coin cells” to get charged up once again. It has a small screen too which displays time, date and month. Its features also show total steps taken throughout the day, step target for the day, total kilometres of walking and also the amount of burnt calories.

The device can also get synced with our smartphone, laptop or PC. It uses Garmin’s exclusive technology, ANT+, for syncing with laptop and computer, while it uses Bluetooth for smartphones. 3 weeks of 24/7 data can be stored in this device and it shows a red bar as a signal that its activity will not continue for long anymore. This Vivofit is always awake to monitor if we are sleeping properly. It is a waterproof device and can also work upto 50 metres when kept underwater. When we give a first look at this device we find it almost similar to the Sony Smartband but the former’s lasting battery and its display make it better than other players.


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