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Galaxy Book laptops set to get exciting new features with the latest Windows 11 update

Source: Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy Book laptops running Windows 11 are set to receive an array of exciting new features, as announced by Microsoft during its Build 2023 press conference. These features encompass a combination of AI-powered advancements and quality-of-life improvements for PC users.

One notable addition to Windows 11 is the expanded integration of Android apps, offering users access to a broader range of applications. Microsoft is also introducing enhancements to wireless audio and accessibility features, catering to a more seamless and inclusive computing experience.

Building upon their efforts to incorporate AI technology into various products, Microsoft unveiled Windows Copilot for Windows 11. This feature aims to assist users with complex tasks by leveraging the capabilities of the operating system. Operating as a sidebar, Windows Copilot provides recommendations, suggestions, and customizable settings to optimize productivity. For instance, users can seek advice on improving their efficiency, with Windows Copilot proposing solutions such as Dark Theme, Focus Session, and Snap layouts for convenient multitasking.

Windows Copilot’s functionality extends beyond task assistance. It can summarize documents, condensing their content into concise bullet points. This functionality enables users to grasp the main points of a document without needing to read it in its entirety. Furthermore, Windows Copilot integrates with popular platforms like Spotify for music suggestions, collaborates with Adobe Photoshop for generative AI-powered image creation, and seamlessly connects with Microsoft services like Office 365 and Teams.

During their recent announcements, Microsoft revealed their collaboration with Intel and Samsung to introduce Bluetooth LE Audio to the Windows ecosystem. This partnership aims to enhance audio quality for users who pair their Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with their Galaxy Book laptops.

To encourage more developers to bring their Android apps to Windows 11, Microsoft has eased certain requirements and now allows app developers to submit their apps for testing. They have also provided comprehensive resources, including documents and videos, to assist developers in optimizing their apps for Windows.

Windows 11 will introduce Live Captions for additional languages, expanding support to include Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Other notable features include a larger widgets page with three columns, a persistent VPN icon when active, enhanced privacy controls for presence sensing, and QR code verification for document printing.

These features will initially be available to Windows 11 Insiders in June 2023, with a wider release planned for all Windows 11 laptops and PCs by the end of the year. Once launched, users of Galaxy Book laptops and other Galaxy PCs running Windows 11 can take advantage of these updates to streamline their workflow and enjoy a more convenient computing experience.

These new features showcased by Microsoft for Windows 11 promise to elevate the user experience on Samsung Galaxy Book laptops and present users with advanced tools and capabilities. With the integration of AI technology and the expansion of Android app compatibility, Windows 11 continues to evolve and cater to the diverse needs of modern PC users.

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