GajShield Wins ICSA Award For Excellence In Information Security Testing

The award recognizes GajShield for outstanding achievement in the area of information security with ten years of continuous testing with ICSA Labs

GajShield Infotech, a leading provider of Network Security and GajShield_logoEmail Security, has been honored with ICSA Lab’s prestigious Excellence in Information Security Testing (EIST) award for demonstrating the highest standards of quality and commitment towards product testing. The award recognizes GajShield’s outstanding achievement in the field of information security and has been given for 10 years of continuous testing with ISCA Labs.

Mr Sonit Jain, CEO at GajShield commented, “We clearly understand the importance of ICSA Labs testing for security solutions and are fully dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards for our products. This recognition not only validates our product development process, but also helps us gain the trust and confidence of our customers. Our goal is to continuously improve our products to meet the evolving needs of today’s internet-driven businesses.”

The ICSA Labs’ Certification Program provides assurance to the user community that certified products meet industry-accepted security standards worldwide. The EIST Award recognizes companies that have continually tested their products for more than 10 years with ICSA Labs. Security companies also benefit from the ICSA program as they get the opportunity of working closely with analysts, leveraging criteria for product development, accessing research and participating in consortia, all with the objective of contributing to improved products that benefit customers and the security ecosystem.

“Since our inception in 2002, we have focused on providing complete security solutions for enterprises, striving to accomplish our mission of making ‘internet a safe place to work.’ We are honored to receive this lifetime achievement award by ICSA Labs. Our customers also recognize the fact that testing our products every year with ICSA Labs provides risk reduction, increased security, trust and ultimately usability,” he added.

Earning the ICSA Labs certification reinforces GajShield’s strong commitment to develop and provide security products of international standards. Customers understand the importance of being certified by ICSA Labs as it reinforces their confidence that the product has met industry’s most stringent testing and certification criteria.