GajShield Launches Object Oriented Policy Management for a Secure Network


GajShield, a leading provider of Network Security, has introduced true inheritance in firewall management using its ‘Object Oriented Policy Management’ for its range of network security firewalls. This brings re-usability with the advantage of sharing policies with similar behavior, reducing the complexity of security implementation in an enterprise.


Benefits of inheritance:

  • Child policies provide specialized behaviors from the basis of common elements provided by the parent class. Through the use of inheritance, security managers can reuse parent policies many times.
  • Security Managers too can create parent policies, which work as abstract policies that define “generic” behaviors. The abstract parent policy defines generic enterprise security and may partially implement behavior for an enterprise. Security Managers can then use these abstract policies to create specialized child policies. For example, inheriting a parent class for a particular department where the parent class defines the implementation for common generic policies across the organization, can create a customized implementation for that department.


Object oriented policy management improves the security implementation in an enterprise by reducing the number of policies and creating common abstract policies which are inherited by other policies.


Firewall management is a real challenge, which requires adding multiple rules determined by enterprise policies. Each additional policy brings its own complexity in managing it and with time policies keep on increasing, Security Managers find it difficult to keep track of.


Mr Sonit JainCEO at GajShield said “We are very happy to manage an enterprise in a unique way. GajShield has always been a leader in security innovation. We are committed to provide excellent solutions for every problems faced by our customers.

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