GajShield Conducts Training Program for Partners in New Delhi


GajShield, a leading provider of Network Security and Email Security, conducted training program for partners in New Delhi. 40 plus partners benefit from the training sessions. The main objective of this training program was to provide deeper insights to GajShield’s new partners and technical engineers on GajShield’s products and solutions. The training also covered how the products can be implemented under various scenarios across a customer’s network. The partners were also explained on the unique features offered by GajShield UTM in comparison with normal UTMs.

Mr Mithilesh Pandey trained the partners on the basics concept of security, followed by a session on internet security and finally he empowered partners with more knowledge on installation and deployment of the GajShield device at the customer’s place. They were also trained on cloud security and how it secures data even when the employee is outside the perimeter of an organization’s network. Partners got a better understanding on how GajShield’s Data Leak Prevention (DLP) help customer to secure their network against data leakages. His presentation also stressed on how partners can suggest customers on the model of network that they can avail based on the services and the concurrent users.

Mr Mithilesh PandeyRegional Manager – North at GajShield said, “The purposes of these training programs are to provide a complete understanding of GajShield’s products and solutions. The training program provides an interactive platform to partners in gaining right knowledge to address the customer requirements. We are confident that our program will help our partners gain knowledge and grow profitably.

GajShield explained the various benefits that partners gain by selling the best-in-class products of GajShield. They also explained how partners can quickly grow new business and drive incremental revenue by providing essential services such as consulting, installing the hardware on their own.

Mr Jitendra Solanki from DX IT services said, “Training is helpful to keep ourselves updated on the new products and solutions. This training has helped us to also know the challenges faced in the market. It gives better knowledge and understanding on the products with which we can offer right solution to address the customer’s requirements.”

The training gave us an extra edge in understanding and further offering a complete solution to our customers, which helps us to be a one point contact for major services,” said Deepak Mishra from SVS technologyWe appreciate that GajShield has taken the necessary steps to reach out and educate us thoroughly. We look forward for continued support from GajShield in the future.”

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