G-Mycin Studio LLC Launches PortScript App For Independent Pharmacies Patients

Launched in the summer of 2011 as a consulting service, G-Mycin Studio, LLC, has quickly cornered the pharmacy design marketplace with simplicity and functionality as its core values. Making it easier for independent pharmacy owners to have access to an exceptional pharmacy app platform at reasonable prices, this comprehensive Internet firm has now designed PortScript, a new smartphone app. “Our dream in the beginning was to allow independent pharmacists and their patients to have access to the wonderful mobile experiences we could provide,” said Stephen Okorie, Pharm. D., founder of G-Mycin Studio, LLC. “Now through our PortScript app, independent pharmacy patrons of any type can connect with their respective pharmacies easily and flawlessly.”

Comparable to the apps used by CVS or Walgreens patients, the PortScript app fills the gap for independent pharmacy customers. PortScript provides patients the convenience of refilling old prescriptions and/or sending in their new handwritten scripts from their smartphone. PortScript also allows pharmacists to send push notifications to their patients about important information, which might include prescription statuses, health tips, sales notices, and emergency notices.

PortScript is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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