FusionStor launches IFS SAN storage series

FusionStor LogoFusionStor Technologies , unveiled IFS SAN Series  -an industry leading  SAN storage solution with unique features like high performance cache and battery free super capacitors. IFS series comes with HDD SSD options as added advantage. Series offers support for multiple SAS/SSD drives, allowing mix of SAS SSD in any drive slot enabling business agility. User can increase the performance just by swapping the controller.

As companies move to competition they demand smooth output and maximum flexibility that offer high class user experience. Enterprises are struggling with compatibility and complexity issues which in the end increase their investment.

FusionStor IFS SAN series takes all the challenges into consideration and provides maximum configuration flexibility thus reducing cost and saving time.  Apart from this, brand has combined innovation with business keeping in mind less energy consumption and more data protection.

IFS SAN 2U12 PP“Where every enterprise is facing compatibility issue, we have launched a one-stop solution as an initiative to reduce time and investment. FusionStor IFS SAN series provides multiple options in terms of drives, power supply, chassis, performance control etc. Thus, user gets better access and output in lesser cost,” said Amod Phadke, CEO, FusionStor.

Focus on cost and energy-
Battery-Free Protection
Better Data Protection
Energy-Saving Drive Spindown
80 PLUS Power Supplies

IFS SAN features three product lines:

IFS 7500 Series –

Storage with 1Gb iSCSI
Scale to 144 Drives
Support HDD and SSD options
IFS Cache Technology

IFS 8000 Series –

Storage with 8Gb FC and 10Gb iSCSI
Scale to 144 Drives
Support HDD and SSD options
IFS Cache Technology

IFS 8500 Series-

Storage with advanced host interface options
Scale to 192 Drives
Continuing the HDD and SSD options, IFS Cache Technology

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