Fujitsu to Host Fujitsu Forum 2018

Fujitsu Leverages World's Fastest Supercomputer and AI Tech in Joint Field Trial for Safe and Efficient Tsunami Evacuations in Kawasaki City

Fujitsu Leverages World's Fastest Supercomputer and AI Tech in Joint Field Trial for Safe and Efficient Tsunami Evacuations in Kawasaki City

Fujitsu today announced that Fujitsu Forum 2018, the company’s largest annual event, will be held May 17-18 at the Tokyo International Forum in Japan. This year’s theme will be “Human Centric Innovation: Co-creation for Success.”

Fujitsu continues to pursue technological innovations, and through various forms of co-creation with customers, the company is generating value for the success of its customers. In this forum, Fujitsu will introduce a broad array of customer benefits and keys to project success gained through initiatives toward innovation, along with advanced technologies, that will contribute to a more prosperous future.

Amid further advances in the digital transformations of a wide range of industries, the use of ecosystems, that generate innovation by leveraging technology and connecting insights, has become an important key to resolving many social issues. At Fujitsu Forum 2018, Fujitsu will use case studies to introduce its initiatives and their results from working together toward innovation with customers and partners.

From the perspective of developers and engineers, Fujitsu will showcase key technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and security, as well as the cloud and other platforms underpinning them. Also in the event spotlight will be advanced technologies such as the Digital Annealer, a quantum physics-inspired computer developed with Fujitsu’s proprietary architecture. Please see the official Fujitsu Forum 2018 website, which will be available starting April 11, to register for the forum in advance or to see details of the program.
Overview of Fujitsu Forum 2018

1. Times and Dates
8 am – 7 pm on Thursday, May 17, and Friday, May 18, 2018
Hours have been expanded to accommodate customers with a variety of working styles.

2. Location
Tokyo International Forum, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
The exhibits will be in Hall E and Hall B5.

3. Theme
Human Centric Innovation: Co-creation for Success

4. Expected Visitors
18,000 (entrance is free)

5. Seminars:

1) Keynotes and Presentations (6 in total)

Fujitsu will present its top executives, who will introduce the company’s vision and direction, as well as thought leaders in a variety of fields from Japan and overseas who will talk about future changes and the environment facing business and society.

2) Conferences (14 meetings in total)

These conferences will focus on three perspectives: the digital transformation of society and the economy, the digital transformation of business, and transformation in ways of working and developing talent. The forum will welcome experts, thought leaders, and representatives of companies and organizations that are leading Japan in respective fields to speak about the latest trends and specific case studies.

3) Partner sessions (6 programs in total)

These sessions will present executives of Fujitsu’s global strategic partners to discuss the digital transformations of customers, case studies in co-creation, and the co-creation approach of Fujitsu and its partners.

4) Seminars, workshops, hands-on programs, and off-site tours (80 in total)

Fujitsu will introduce solutions and initiatives that address a variety of issues facing customers and demonstrate how new ICT is put into practice, mainly through customer case studies. Fujitsu Forum 2018 has new sessions in the morning and evening periods that are useful for business, such as a leadership seminar based on the study of business administration. These sessions can be used to refresh one’s mind in the morning or after work, or to increase the motivation of younger workers. There will also be bus tours, which are popular every year, to the FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center, which is a co-creation workshop venue in Hamamatsucho, and to TechShop Tokyo, a place for practicing open innovation in Roppongi. Note: Entry in to each seminar will be closed as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached.

6. Exhibits (About 120 in total):

1) Success Zone: Hall E

Success scenes from co-creation will bei7ment, healthcare, open innovation, manufacturing, retailing and distribution, finance, digital marketing, transformation in ways of working and developing talent, as well as security.

2) Technology Zone: Hall B5

Primarily technologies that accelerate digital transformations and business optimizations will be introduced from the perspective of developers and engineers.

Examples include the Digital Annealer, AI, IoT, and hybrid IT.

7. Making Fujitsu Forum more fun and convenient

Services have been prepared to make your time at Fujitsu Forum more fun and convenient. Premium services available through the Fwalker app

By using this app to attend seminars or visit exhibit demos, users can accumulate F-coin points for use only at Fujitsu Forum, which can be used to receive special services. They can also use a variety of programs that introduce what to see at Fujitsu Forum, such as the “How to Tour Fujitsu Forum 2018” recommendation menu from thought leaders in the fields of IT, business, society, and economics, and the FUJITSU ch. Internet TV that will be broadcast during the event.

Mobile work cafe
To accommodate a variety of customer work styles, spaces will be prepared to enable customers to use their time effectively at the venue. Customers can join the forum in different styles, while working, enjoying light meals, or having meetings.