August 16, 2020

Fujitsu Partners with US-based Marketo in the Marketing Automation Business

– Enhancing marketing automation of FUJITSU Digital Marketing Platform CX360 –

unnamed (4)Fujitsu today announced its collaboration with US-based Marketo, Inc., which develops and provides the world’s leading engagement marketing platform in the marketing field. Starting today, Fujitsu will provide consulting services to assist companies in Japan with their deployment of the marketing automation platform from Marketo.

Through this collaboration Fujitsu will offer consulting services to support the deployment of the “Marketo” engagement marketing automation platform. Fujitsu will also develop new functions that work to connect Marketo to the Fujitsu business management platform positioned within FUJITSU Digital Marketing Platform CX360, a suite of digital marketing-related products and solutions. This will enable consolidated management of program implementation, based on sophisticated segmentation, using email, website personalization, advertising tie-ins and other Marketo-based functions, in tandem with measurements of each type of marketing program’s effectiveness. The result will be that companies are able to integrate their complex marketing activities, making them more efficient and optimized, while also having the capacity to deliver communications that maximize the lifetime value of customers.

To contribute to customer business growth, Fujitsu will continue to enhance CX360 and to support ever-more powerful corporate marketing innovation to realize the optimal marketing approach for each and every customer.


Customers in Japan today are surrounded by a growing volume of digital media, which is having a remarkable effect on their buying behavior. For example, among changes in purchasing behavior, customers gather product information from the internet, and to some extent have already narrowed down their prospective purchases prior to being contacted by a sales representative. Given this, few companies have found a way to mount a successful marketing response, and are still finding their way.

With CX360, Fujitsu has systematized its products and solutions that support services ranging from consulting to implementation in order to deliver optimal marketing approaches to customers, and now, in collaboration with Marketo, it offers enhanced marketing automation.

About the Collaboration with Marketo

1. Providing consulting services for deployment assistance

Fujitsu has signed a Service Partner Agreement(1) with Marketo and will now leverage the expertise it has gained in deploying and using Marketo, as well as its experience in marketing and system integration to provide consulting services to assist in Marketo deployments.

Formulating strategies for using marketing automation

Through its marketing framework(2), Fujitsu helps companies formulate strategies to maximize the effectiveness of marketing automation by using data analysis to select target customers and target products and services, and selecting the content and channel based on a customer’s journey. Fujitsu also designs a complete digital marketing system that connects marketing automation with multiple solutions, including customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) solutions.

All-around support with everything from deployment to everyday use based on Marketo knowhow

Fujitsu has been using Marketo internally since 2014 for SaaS products such as the file sharing and storage service usable from the internet with a Web browser or network driver, the FUJITSU Cloud Service Cloud File Server, and has automated scenario-based promotion that reacts according to the attributes and activities of potential-customer information. Given such experience, it has accumulated considerable expertise in implementing B2B marketing programs. Now Fujitsu’s specialists, who have extensive experience with Marketo deployments, are offering total assistance with everything from deployment to operations to everyday use.

In addition, Fujitsu Communications Services Limited will offer outsourcing service for mail marketing when Marketo has been deployed, and through this service, can also utilize the Marketo environment to set up dedicated trial environments to test tactics. In this way customers can verify the results from actual marketing automation programs and issues with them in advance.

2. Developing new functionality

Fujitsu has concluded a Technology Partner Contract(3) with Marketo, developing new functionality connecting Marketo with the business management platform provided in Fujitsu’s CX360 solution.

Marketing dashboard

By adding a marketing dashboard to the CX360 business management platform, which integrates data imported from Marketo with social media data from such sources as Facebook, Twitter, and websites using solutions such as Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, users can enjoy consolidated management for measuring the effectiveness of multiple marketing programs, including marketing automation, web, and social media.

Data linking functionality

Fujitsu has built a system to automatically link analysis results from the CX360 business management platform with Marketo. This allows customer segmentation information to be generated based on customers behavioral patterns on the business management platform using multiple data sources, and allows real-time policies based on analyzing this data to be implemented through Marketo.


Yasutaka Fukuda, President and Representative Director of Marketo KK

It gives Marketo great confidence that Fujitsu Limited has now launched consulting services to support implementing Marketo (engagement marketing platform), as we are the first collaborative business partner to expand Fujitsu’s initiatives in the field of marketing automation. Marketo not only provides a tool, but also helps to accelerate success and business growth of both clients and partners through “Marketing Nation” which is a powerful, open ecosystem and built on partnerships with partners and customers. We are convinced that the collaboration with Fujitsu, continuing to provide high-quality system integration services to satisfy customers’ needs, will maximize the value of ideal customer experience to accelerate business growth of customers

For more information: “Fujitsu Enables Real-Time Customer-Centric Marketing with Launch of CX360 Solution”

(1) Service Partner Agreement
A partnership for business consulting, content creation, or supporting the implementation, operation and use of Marketo.
(2) Marketing framework
A framework that helps maximize customer experience value.
(3) Technology Partner Contract (LaunchPoint Partner Contract)
A partnership in which the partner connects its system to Marketo and offers its company’s solutions to customers.