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Fujitsu Limited, Palantir Technologies Japan and Palantir Technologies Inc forms a strategic partnership.



Fujitsu Limited, (Palantir Japan), and Palantir Technologies Inc. (Palantir’) have come to a consensus that the three companies will form a strategic partnership and introduce world-class technology in the Japanese market to improve Japan’s Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives.

Under this agreement, Fujitsu CEO Takahito Tokita and Palantir Japan CEO Koichi Narasaki announced that Fujitsu will become Palantir Japan’s sole Flagship Technology Partner in Japan. It will sell its DX Services to complement Palantir’s leading software platforms.

As a part of the strategic investment, Fujitsu has invested $50 million USD into Palantir Technologies Inc.  to show its commitment towards the partnership. It aims to dominate the big data analysis market. As a part of their strategy , Palantir Japan and Fujitsu will provide their world-class technologies and seamless experience to multiple industries and customers throughout Japan to gain a bigger market.

This partnership blends Palantir’s robust platforms with Fujitsu’s information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities and the large-scale base of supporting customers in their DX journeys.The Japanese customers can achieve a variety of outcomes.Fujitsu’s experience working with the different branches of Japanese government and commercial institutions will provide the partners with an added layer of regional expertise. Takahito Tokita, CEO and CDXO of Fujitsu Limited said that he is confident that their partnership with Palantir will help the Japanese customers improve the digital acceleration while simultaneously strengthening their own DX initiatives within Fujitsu.


In the future, Fujitsu will resolve the customers’ management issues.It will deploy a data platform service that will contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and at the same time  tackle a variety of social challenges relating to smart cities and disaster prevention and mitigation. 

Koichi Narasaki, CEO of the company said that since the establishment of Palantir Japan in November 2019 they are working to support the digital transformation of Japanese companies and society using the best Silicon Valley technology.Their primary role is promoting digital growth using Palantir software platforms. It is their pleasure to welcome Fujitsu as their Flagship Technology Partner in this crucial hour of time.

Palantir Japan was co-founded by Palantir Technologies Inc. and Sompo Holdings Inc. Palantir Japan blends  Sompo’s mission of creating a “theme park for security, health, and well-being with Palantir’s mission of providing the global organizations with a contemporary operating system that will improve security, privacy, and civil liberties. Palantir Japan ensures the security, health, and well-being of the Japanese society.


According to Alexander Karp, co-founder and chief executive officer of Palantir Technologies Inc, Palantir  was founded to support democratic governments around the world. Their partnership with Fujitsu also shows their commitment towards Japan.It ensures that the country’s leading commercial institutions and government agencies are provided with the software they need to do their jobs, whether it is responding to a public health crisis or defending the nation.