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Fujitsu Develops 1FINITY, A New Series Of Optical Transmission Systems

Utilizes disaggregation and compatible with the FLASHWAVE series

Fujitsu today announced the development of the FUJITSU Network 1FINITY platform, a new global category of network equipment Fujitsu Logospanning access, packet optical, and wireless technologies. It will be available in North America beginning in December, followed by a phased worldwide rollout. The 1FINITY platform enables quick construction of network environments while keeping upfront investment costs in check by using a new disaggregated architecture with independent blade modules for each function.

In addition to telecommunications customers, Fujitsu will offer this product to datacenter operators and a wide range of other customers.


In recent years, with rapid changes in the global network services market, there has been a need to quickly provide customers with new network services independent of existing all-in-one configurations. There is a demand for a disaggregated architecture, with independent modules for each function to enable easy customization.

To meet these needs, the 1FINITY platform delivers functional disaggregation while supporting backward compatibility between the 1FINITY and FLASHWAVE series to protect investment and smooth transitions for users with existing FLASHWAVE network equipment.

Product Features

The 1FINITY platform is made up of four functional families, providing lambda, transport, switch, and access capabilities. In addition to the ability to use each blade individually in disaggregated operations, the platform also enables operations of multiple blades through software aggregation.

1FINITY blades offer best-in-class density and support full pay-as-you-grow capability, enabling lowest first cost. Furthermore, because 1FINITY blades are built using 1RU(1) blade-centric architecture, space is used more efficiently when rack mounting, eliminating wasted space.

Product Availability

Fujitsu will offer, as its first release of the 1FINITY platform, the 1FINITY T100 blade, a high-capacity and power efficient entry model designed specifically for datacenter interconnects. Customer field trials of the 1FINITY T100 blade are now in progress, primarily with customers in North America.

Through the provision of the 1FINITY platform, Fujitsu will enable a wide range of customers to quickly build networks.