Fujitsu Completes PRIMEFLEX Line-up Of Integrated Systems

  • Fujitsu adds further Integrated Systems to its extensive PRIMEFLEX portfolio
  • Availability of more than 20 PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems, which combine intellectual property, expertise and global technology partnerships in a single, consolidated package
  • PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems enable customers to accelerate business expansion, eliminate complexity and reduce risk

Fujitsu today marks the completion of the rollout1 of its Ayman AbouseifPRIMEFLEX portfolio, putting the company clearly in the vanguard in combining intellectual property, expertise and global technology partnerships to deliver Integrated Systems that are purpose-designed for specific data center tasks. With its comprehensive PRIMEFLEX line-up of Integrated Systems, Fujitsu is empowering organizations to accelerate digital transformation of their businesses, eliminate complexity and reduce risk.

Integrated Systems are a combination of servers, storage, connectivity and software designed to address certain specific use cases. With its portfolio of PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems, Fujitsu provides a wide range of purpose- or task-built solutions that enable the faster deployment of more powerful data center technology design, covering areas from Microsoft Exchange to High Performance Computing (HPC) and from SAP HANA to private cloud.

Ayman Abouseif, Vice President Product Marketing, Fujitsu Global Marketing, says: “Customers who want to quickly deploy new types of workload in their data centers are looking to leading infrastructure vendors like Fujitsu for Integrated Systems. These are solutions specifically designed to effectively run data center workloads including SAP, Microsoft, Big Data, High Performance Computing, Server and Desktop Virtualization, Private Cloud and High Availability. Fujitsu delivered its very first Integrated System 12 years ago, and today our PRIMEFLEX portfolio covers more than 20 distinct solutions engineered to make our customers businesses run faster, more smoothly and efficiently.”

Integrated Systems Momentum with PRIMEFLEX
Since launching the new PRIMEFLEX brand in November 2014, Fujitsu has continued to innovate and introduce new solutions that combine server, storage and network connectivity, coupled with software and management layers. A key part of the PRIMEFLEX value proposition is that all components – including both hardware and software – are pre-integrated and pre-tested for specific popular use cases. At launch, PRIMEFLEX already represented one of the industry’s broadest offerings of powerful data center solutions. Over the last seven months, Fujitsu has continued to expand the PRIMEFLEX portfolio and it now spans more than 20 systems, providing unmatched choice in terms of the full scope of enterprise and mid-size business needs in the data center.

New today2: Three new PRIMEFLEX solutions for Microsoft environments: PRIMEFLEX for Exchange, PRIMEFLEX for Lync and PRIMEFLEX for OfficeMaster Gate, which enable mid-size businesses to modernize their infrastructure and improve communication and collaboration.

Recent further additions to the PRIMEFLEX line-up:

  • PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes3, enabling the rapid, high-quality deployment and roll-out of infrastructure for SAP workloads, applications and databases, including SAP HANA.
  • PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA4 (introduced in 2012 and formerly known as Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA), facilitating the creation of purpose-built systems for SAP HANA to meet exact customer requirements, creating secure, reliable architectures that meet the highest demands for running business- and mission-critical SAP software landscapes. In addition to this ready-to-run solution, Fujitsu also offers PRIMEFLEX reference architectures for SAP HANA.
  •  PRIMEFLEX for Egenera PAN5, delivering the maximum value and utilization from data center resources to create both previously unmatched levels of resource utilization and unrivalled high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

In summary, Fujitsu’s comprehensive PRIMEFLEX portfolio enables IT organizations to be more responsive and agile in meeting the needs of end-users. In the data center, PRIMEFLEX-based technologies mean smoother and simpler deployment of key computing technologies across both heterogeneous and homogeneous ICT landscapes.