Fujitsu Complements Record-Breaking Line-up of Business-Centric PRIMERGY Servers

Fujitsu today announces the expansion of its PRIMERGY dual-socket server line up, with new models specifically designed to enable business growth in datacenters that are limited in their overall expansion by energy and space restrictions.The new Fujitsu rack and blade servers are designed to reduce cost, improve efficiency and accelerate workloads to deliver optimum, scalable levels of productivity while still meeting specific maximum limits in terms of use of rack space, plus caps on power and cooling.Fujitsu LogoThe new dual-socket FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2530 M1 rack server delivers maximum performance from a slender 1U form factor – making it the perfect choice for virtualization and scale-out deployments. Its capabilities are underlined by a new SPECpower_ssj2008 energy efficiency benchmark record in the class of 1U rack servers1 at launch, achieving a new industry-best level of efficiency with a score of 9811 overall ssj_ops/watt (operations per Watt of power). This achievement validates Fujitsu’s continuing ability to deliver servers designed to get the most from every Watt of energy.

Uwe Neumeier, Vice President Global Server Business at Fujitsu says: “We see our customers reaching limits in terms of power consumption and physical space in their established datacenter environments. At the same time, most businesses are demanding ever more scalability, availability and performance. Fujitsu is addressing this challenge with very energy efficient servers like the new 1U dual-socket PRIMERGY RX2530 rack model, which has just set a new class record for power consumption.”

Fujitsu is also expanding its already-extensive portfolio of blade systems with the new PRIMERGY BX2580 M1 server blade, optimized for handling virtualization and other demanding workloads. Both new servers join the PRIMERGY line-up, which was fully refreshed in September 2014 with dual-socket systems featuring a comprehensive line-up of improvements based on field feedback from customers.The new servers are characterized by the PRIMERGY brand’s proven quality and reliability, and include new features such as the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family plus super-fast DDR4 memory technology to help boost application performance. Fujitsu also helps reduce the overhead of IT labor to administer and manage server farms through innovative additions such as Embedded Lifecycle Management, which is part of the widely deployed FUJITSU Software ServerView Suite.

Both new PRIMERGY models are optimized for integration into existing network landscapes, and can dynamically scale I/O bandwidth to meet application needs, thanks to the use of a unique, modular, scalable and field interchangeable LOM architecture (LAN On Mainboard), known as DynamicLoM, and Universal Converged Network Adapters.

Supporting quotes

Fujitsu customer Uros Lampert, Procurator, Our Space Appliances d.o.o., Slovenia“We have used PRIMERGY servers for more than 15 years without downtime! That’s what I call quality!”

Fujitsu customer Alessandro Perrino, Business Development Manager, FASTWEB B.U., Italy“PRIMERGY systems are efficient, space saving servers, which help address our daily challenges in the data center.”

Fujitsu customer David Barnwell, Editor, Burda Creative GmbH, Germany“Our Fujitsu servers allow us to quickly react and scale generations across a multitude of services, ensuring a seamless communications infrastructure.”

Pricing and availability
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY systems are available directly from Fujitsu and via distribution partners. Recently introduced models include the PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 rack server, the PRIMERGY BX2560 M1 server blade and the PRIMERGY CX400 M1 scale-out infrastructure with PRIMERGY CX2550 M1 and PRIMERGY CX2570 M1 server nodes. The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2530 M1 is now available globally, with the FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX2580 M1 becoming generally available from the end of February 2015. Prices vary by region, model and configuration.

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