Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) Awarded 4 Star Rating By TERI GRIHA

imagesFortis Memorial Research Institute,a multi-super specialty, quaternary care hospital has been recognized as a Green Building and awarded FOURSTAR rating by TERI GRIHA. The rating system, recognized to be amongst the most stringent in the world,evaluates building projects on several aspects of environmental sustainability. It emphasizes the use of recycled and low energy consuming materials, on energy efficient designs and on the deployment of solar energy.Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) is India’s National Rating System for green building ‘design evaluation system’and was conceived by TERI, along with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

FMRI, a next-generation hospital, explores new frontiers in healthcare using a multi-disciplinary approach to clinical diagnosis, interventions and treatment outcomes. The hospital amalgamates the finest specialists, enabling medical technologies and environment sensibilities under one roof and is a harmonic blend of both art and science.

FMRI conforms to stringent standards in the use of eco-friendly construction materials and design. Key highlights include; deployment of autoclaved aerated block sin building construction, low energy materials and low volatile organic compound paints in interior finishes and minimizing the use of ozone depleting substances. Focus on continued energy conservation has been led by the optimization of building design, use of low emissivity glass for the building envelope, deployment of solar energy for lighting and hot water, and use of highly energy efficient fixtures and equipment managed centrally by a computer based building management system. Water conservation measures in the hospital include the reuse of treated water and provision of water harvesting pits for ground water regeneration. Additionally, care has been taken to conform to noise level standards both within and outside the building. All these provisions enable FMRI to join the elite list of environmentally conscious creations

Mr. Daljit Singh, President, Fortis Healthcare Ltd. said “Right at inception, we took a conscious call to weave the ‘green building’ principles in to the design of the FMRI project. The Four Star rating is a significant step forward in our endeavor to build a brand that is sensitive to environmental issues and committed to promoting sustainability. We thankTERIGRIHA for recognizing our efforts in conforming to the most exacting environment standards for green buildings. “

Dr. Dilpreet Brar, Regional Director, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, said, “This is a proud milestone for all of us at FMRI. TheTERI GRIHA certificate is a national recognition and we hope to inspire several other institutions to do their bit in building sustainable hospitals for a greener tomorrow.’’ Added Mr. Singh, “This is our second green building hospital initiative after Fortis Shalimar Bagh, that was awarded 3 Star TERI GRIHA rating. We are committed to providing green and environment friendly hospitals and the best of healthcare facilities to the nation.