Fortinet Security Day at Jaipur addresses the most challenging network security issues faced by organizations

Hemant Bajoria,CAM- Rajasthan

As today’s threat landscape continues to grow increasingly complex, security teams across all industries, businesses and organizations find themselves struggling to keep up-to-date on the latest cyber security capabilities and threat landscape awareness.
Fortinet Security Day held at Jaipur last week provided businesses with a complete threat landscape briefing and update in order to help attendees understand and combat today’s most sophisticated cyber threats. The customer event is a part of a series of Security Day’s Fortinet will be conducting across cities in India to showcase the very latest in cyber security technology designed to effectively combat modern cyber attacks across the threat landscape.

Amit Jain,Team Lead- Central India

During the course of the event, there were keynotes by security experts to provide a deep insight on cyber security both from a perspective of a CIO and a White Hat Hacker, the event also showcased a range of Fortinet cyber security solutions—including the market-leading Security Fabric, the latest threat research from FortiGuard Labs, advanced IoT security, Secure Wireless solutions, Secure SD-WAN and Multi-Cloud security solution to address the most challenging issues organizations are facing today.

Navin Mehra, Regional Director-  WCEB


Presenting at the event Navin Mehra, Regional Director, Fortinet India said “By consolidating the variety of security solutions deployed across the network into an integrated and automated Security Fabric, IT personnel gain the ability to coordinate their security efforts across the threat landscape, providing a single-pane-of-glass view into their security posture and threat defense and the ability to automatically orchestrate a layered response.In order to maintain effective security posture, cyber security personnel need to conduct threat analysis, employ advanced detection and protection, and deliver unified threat response all at high speeds to thwart the abilities of modern cyber criminals.”

                Dhaval -Technical

At the conference, attendees also discussed their most difficult cyber security challenges with some of the industry’s top security experts
“The digital economy runs on technology that brings both unprecedented opportunities and unparalleled risk. When combined with today’s hyper-connected digital environment we find ourselves with an ever-widening threat landscape that’s increasingly difficult to secure. To make matters worse, cyber criminals are now leveraging automation and AI capabilities to further boost their chances of successful attacks. Only by integrating advanced security solutions that can see and address modern cyber threats at machine speeds into a unified security framework can network defenses effectively keep up with and counter modern cyber criminal capabilities.” concluded Navin Mehra.